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Pediatric Skin Conditions and Treatments

Sensitivity to cold or heat, allergies, and illnesses are usually the culprits behind various skin conditions in children. The great news is that most of them are not serious and are easily managed.

If you’re concerned, however, don’t hesitate to visit your dermatologist in West Palm Beach FL, Dr. Barry Kuttner or Dr. Kathleen Herne, for an evaluation and prompt treatment. In this light, here are some of the most common skin conditions that we treat here at the Integrated Dermatology of West Palm Beach.

Contact Dermatitis

The skin of some children reacts after coming in contact with plants, soaps, foods, and certain materials. The rash typically starts to appear within 48 hours following contact. Minor symptoms may include tiny red rashes or bumps or mild redness, while severe symptoms may include large blisters or welts, extreme redness, swelling. If symptoms continue to worsen even with at-home care, talk to your West Palm Beach dermatologist right away.


Most children who have eczema also have asthma and allergies. The most common eczema type is atopic dermatitis, and it presents as dry skin with a raised and itchy rash.


Lots of things could trigger these burning and itchy welts, and these could appear anywhere on your child’s body and persist for minutes to days. These could indicate a serious issue, particularly if your child’s face swells or have trouble breathing. If this is the case for your child, visit your West Palm Beach dermatologist right away.

Prickly Heat or Heat Rash

This is caused by blocked sweat ducts and can be seen on the neck, back, shoulders, and or head. It looks like tiny red or pink pimples and can be extremely itchy.

Fifth Disease

This comes with some flu-like symptoms, a bright red face, and a body rash. While mild, it’s very contagious.


This begins as a scaly, red bump or patch that progresses into an itchy, raised red ring with blistery edges. A fungus that thrives on dead nail tissue, skin, and hair causes it.


This viral skin condition is usually found on the hands, fingers, and feet. They are usually painless and harmless but could be embarrassing and extremely contagious.


Impetigo is a bacterial skin condition that causes red blisters and sores that could ooze and form a brown-yellow crust. The sores are often found around the nose and mouth but can also be found anywhere on your child’s body.


This immensely contagious, and potentially serious, viral skin condition leaves red itchy blisters or spots all over your child’s body. These spots first blister, break open, dry out, and then crust over. Vaccination is key to chickenpox prevention.

For More Questions, Advice, or Concerns About Pediatric Skin Conditions, Talk to Us

Dial (561) 964-6664 to book an assessment with your dermatologist, Dr. Barry Kuttner, or Dr. Kathleen Herne, here at Integrated Dermatology of West Palm Beach in West Palm Beach FL.

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