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  • What Happens During Mohs Surgery?
    Mohs micrographic surgery provides an effective way to treat skin cancer and reduce scarring. The surgery is offered by your West Palm Beach, FL, dermatologists, Dr. Barry Kuttner, and Dr. Read more
  • What To Know About Excessive Sweating
    Find out what causes excessive sweating and what you can do to get it under control. We all sweat, whether it’s from an intense spin class or being outside during a Read more
  • Finding the Right Treatment for Your Skin Cancer
    If you've been diagnosed with skin cancer, you may be wondering which type of treatment is best for you. Your West Palm Beach, FL, dermatologists, Drs. Barry Kuttner and Kathleen Read more
  • Finding the Right Treatment for Your Acne
    One of the most common skin problems encountered in the United States and the entire world is acne. Normally appearing as an outbreak of pimples on the face, it can Read more
  • Pediatric Skin Conditions and Treatments
    Sensitivity to cold or heat, allergies, and illnesses are usually the culprits behind various skin conditions in children. The great news is that most of them are not serious and Read more
  • What Exactly Is Mohs Surgery?
    Mohs surgery provides an innovative way to remove skin cancer and reduce scarring. Your West Palm Beach FL dermatologists, Drs. Barry Kuttner and Kathleen Herne offer the surgery at Integrated Read more
  • Acne Treatment Options
    Acne is one of the most frustrating conditions affecting teen years and can impact self-confidence. Dermatologists can help eliminate or minimize acne through multiple treatments. Learn more about acne from Dr. Read more
  • Skin Problems Botox Can Improve
    Find out all that Botox treatment can do for your skin’s appearance. It seems like every time you look in the mirror a new batch of wrinkles has appeared. While the Read more
  • Skin Cancer Treatment
    Your board-certified dermatologists, Dr. Barry Kuttner and Kristen Hafner, approach each cancer individually, offering treatments that optimize positive outcomes. Read more

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