Acne Treatment Options

By Integrated Dermatology of West Palm Beach
May 08, 2018
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Acne is a very common skin condition that is a problem for over 60 million Americans. Many of the patients who have this problem are acneteenagers and young people. Acne can have a significant effect on the self-esteem and self-confidence of a young person. The best way to deal with acne is to have your skin examined, diagnosed, and treated by a skilled dermatologist. Learn about your acne treatment options from a pediatric dermatologist at Integrated Dermatology of West Palm Beach, FL.

Acne Challenges
While some young people only have to deal with one or two unexpected acne blisters, some unfortunately have them all over their faces. When it becomes severe and the blisters do not go away after a reasonable amount of time, you should see a skin doctor for help. Picking at acne sores, not cleaning your face properly, and not using the right products can cause permanent scars to form. Acne shows up in the form of whiteheads, blackheads, or red pustules (inflamed pores).

Acne Treatment Options
Modern dermatology offers patients a number of viable acne skin treatments. Here are some of the options that your West Palm Beach, FL pediatric dermatologist will discuss with you:

- Oral and topical antibiotics to get rid of infections in the sores.
- Benzoyl peroxide to remove blockages in the skin.
- Manual extraction of blocked pores.
- Application of Vitamin A Tretinoin medicine.

Managing and Preventing Acne
If you are prone to acne, there may be a few things you can do to reduce the likelihood of a flare-up. Here are some tips to follow:

- Avoid touching your skin with dirty hands or picking at sores or bumps on your face.
- Wash your face with a skin cleanser that is made specifically for your skin type. Skin types include oily, dry, and combination skin.
- Avoid using makeup, which could exacerbate this skin condition, until the acne has cleared up.

The Road to Clearer Skin
Take the first step toward clearer, acne-free skin by contacting a pediatric dermatologist in West Palm Beach, FL. The team at Integrated Dermatology of West Palm Beach, FL can help your teen feel more confident and attractive at school and in social settings. Call 561-964-6664 (Forest Hill location) or 561-688-2550 (North Century Blvd location) today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Barry Kuttner or Dr. Kathleen Herne.