How We Can Help Your Wrinkles

By Integrated Dermatology of West Palm Beach
July 17, 2019
Category: Dermatology
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Of the many cosmetic concerns that patients have about their facial appearances, wrinkles almost always top the list. Both intrinsic (natural or genetic) and extrinsic (environmental of lifestyle-based) skin aging can cause wrinkling. Find out how a dermatologist at Integrated Dermatology of West Palm Beach in West Palm Beach, FL can help you with your wrinkles and other skin problems.,

Wrinkles: Common Causes
These are some of the most common causes of skin wrinkling:

- Sitting in the sun for long periods of time (sun damage).
- Heredity (some patients are genetically predisposed to wrinkles).
- Not properly (and regularly) cleansing and moisturizing the skin.
- Poor diet and lack of exercise.

How a Dermatologist Can Help
Once you have deep, noticeable wrinkles, you may need help from a West Palm Beach, FL, dermatologist. These are a few treatment options that may be right for your case:

- Antioxidant creams.
- Vitamin A acid.
- Dermabrasion (exfoliates the skin, inspiring growth of new cells).
- Dermal skin fillers (to add volume).
- Laser resurfacing (removes old layers of skin and deep lines in the face).
- Plastic surgery procedures.

Stop Wrinkles Before They Start to Form
The best way to keep your appearance as youthful and wrinkle-free as possible is to put skin care on the top of your list of priorities. Most patients have wrinkles and skin damage because of too much exposure to UV rays or tanning beds. Follow these tips to keep wrinkles at bay:

- Get a large, floppy hat to provide shade for your face and neck when you’re outside—especially if you’re planning to visit the beach.
- Ask your dermatologist to recommend a moisturizer and cleanser specifically designed for your skin type.
- Eat a balanced “whole foods” diet.
- If you use makeup, choose products with natural formulations.

Learn More About Wrinkle Remedies
Thanks to modern treatments and therapies, you don’t have to settle for facial wrinkles. See a dermatologist at Integrated Dermatology of West Palm Beach in West Palm Beach, FL, for a consultation to decide which solution is right for you. Call (561) 964-6664 today for an appointment with Dr. Barry Kuttner or Dr. Kathleen Herne.