Over the Counter Recommendations

Moisturizers For Severely Dry Skin

  • Lachydrin 12
  • Amlactin

Moisturizers for Eczema and Sensitive Skin

  • CereVe Lotion/Cream
  • Aveeno Eczema Therapy
  • Cetaphil Restoraderm

Avoid and treat dry skin tip: After your shower, reach for the moisturizer before you grab your towel.  When the outer layer of your skin is wet, it swells and expands the gaps between the cells.  In doing so, it lets in more moisturizer to hydrate your hide.  Apply moisturizer before and after drying off.

For Itchy Skin

  • Sarna lotion - sensitive, original, or ultra


  • Nizoral 1% shampoo
  • Head and Shoulders with selenium sulfide (in dark blue bottle)
  • DHS Zinc Shampoo
  • Neutrogena T-Gel Extra Strength with Tar


  • Neutrogena with Helioplex
  • Aveeno with Active Photobarrier Complex

Anesthetic Cream

  • Walgreens Pain Reliever for Boils