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At Integrated Dermatology, we prefer to treat the entire patient, not just a specific condition.  To do this, we work closely with you to diagnose and treat the true underlying causes of your disease.  We help you to make nutrition and lifestyle modifications that can help restore optimum health and immune system function. 

At Integrated Dermatology, believe that by improving a patient's nutrition, helping them to establish a healthy lifestyle, and minimizing their exposure to harmful chemicals and pharmaceuticals, that we can make a significant improvement in most skin conditions.

At Integrated Dermatology, we understand the risks and benefits of prescription drugs and can use them to treat skin conditions when necessary and appropriate. Our preference is to minimize the use of presciption medications, when possible, and maximize improvements with a more natural approach. We use various types of laboratory tests to help us determine what each patient needs, so that we can tailor each individuals treatment plan. 

What laboratory analyses are performed?

As each patient's needs and conditions are different, not the same analyses/tests are recommended for every patient.  Among the most common laboratories that are utilized are the following:

ALCAT, Biohealth Diagnostics, CYREX, Diagnostechs, Doctor's Data, Genova Diagnostics, Labrix, Metametrix, Neuroscience and Spectracell

Why is nutrition important?

The skin is one of the most powerful indicators of overall health. Skin texture, acne, redness, wrinkles, psoriasis, hairloss, and brittle nails can all be signs of poor overall health. The most common approach used when treating skin problems is for patients to spend money on expensive cosmetics, creams, toners, and cleansers, that are marketed for specific skin ailments, and are widely available. In some cases, these products may be helpful in improving a condition temporarily. However, treating skin conditions with topical products that are chemical based doesn't address the internal cause of the problem. To address the root of any skin condition, we recommend evaluating one's nutrition, stress levels, and environmental exposures.
As obesity has become an epidemic in the US, so have conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. By making modifications to your diet and lifestyle, not only will your skin improve, but you will lose weight, and reduce your risk of developing conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

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